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Meadow View is so Excited about our Rehab. Healing comes from feeling good about your surroundings and care team, so get to know the Rehab Team better.  

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Meet Our Team! Physical Therapy

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Christie Fochtman – Is the Rehab Director working at Meadow View Nursing Center. Christie is a Certified Occupational Therapist and has worked at Meadow View for the last eight years. Working closely with the clinical staff and managing the therapy caseload, while still having the opportunity to provide Occupational Treatment to the residents is the reason Christie enjoys her job at Meadow View. “I genuinely love helping people, being able to help someone re-gain function and return home is very rewarding for me” Christie states. “My favorite rehab activity is working with stroke victims and seeing the improvement that comes from hard work and diligence put forth from each individual.”  

Christie grew up in Berlin, and is now raising her family in Berlin alongside her husband Kyle. The Fochtman family enjoys spending time outside boating, swimming, riding SUVs, and sled-riding.  
If you are in need of some short-term rehab after an illness or injury, Christie invites you to tour Meadow View and take in the scenic beauty of the landscape along with the cleanliness of the building, both of which will help in your decision of choosing the right rehab center. 

Christie Fochtman, COTA/L, FRD – 11 years of experience – working in LTC for 10 years
Specialty – CVA; I find CVAs fascinating because there are no two alike: I love the challenge of figuring out what works for each patient, in regard to obtaining maximum return in their extremities and overall function. Watching individuals progress throughout my treatment is rewarding, because I know they see the improvements too.

Michelle Kush – Has been a Physical Therapist for 33 years. Michelle graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. She then continued her education at Gannon and earned her Physical Therapy Degree from Gannon University. Being an athlete herself, Michelle wanted to be able to help others when an injury prevented them from doing the things they loved to do. Now, working at Meadow View, Michelle helps individuals reestablish their previous level of functioning thus adding more joy to their daily lives. Residents become more independent, and self-sufficient after completing their rehab programs in most cases. 

 “At Meadow View, everyone works together for the good of the team and the individual residents. The rehab gym is the largest and most modern in the area” Michelle states. If you are scheduled for surgery and may be in need of a short in-patient rehab stay, please come check out Meadow View. Meet with the therapy team, see the beautiful rooms, meet some of the nursing staff, and you will be better informed and able to focus directly on healing and not the worry that comes with not understanding the rehab process.  

Michelle Kush, PT, MPT – 31 years of experience – working in LTC for 2 years
Specialty – orthopedics/total knee replacements; I enjoy helping residents achieve maximum range of motion to return to their prior level of function through 1-on-1 manipulation and mobilization. Working with them from start to finish is rewarding, not only to myself, but to the patient as well. 

Kayla Koba – is Meadow View’s Occupational Therapist. Kayla loves helping residents progress with independence for self-care, bed mobility, functional transfers and mobility tasks. Kayla received her Master’s of Occupational Therapy from St. Francis University and started her career in geriatrics and enjoys working with the elderly. 

The resident’s enjoy the interventions Kayla puts into process that help increase strength, endurance, and balance helping them be more independent in their daily routines. 

 Kayla states, “Meadow View has a great therapy team who can provide you or your loved one with the quality treatment you deserve.” Call to schedule a tour of the facility today and meet the therapy team.  

Kayla Koba, OTR/L – 2 years of experience – working in LTC for 2 years
Specialty – Positioning; I embrace the challenge to increase comfort and maximize independence while preventing the risk of wounds whether the residents are in bed or in their wheelchair. I love that there are so many positioning devices out there to try; therefore, increasing my knowledge to continue improving my residents’ well-being.
Rhonda Hinton- grew up in Somerset County and is pleased to be back in the area working as Meadow View’s Speech Language Pathologist.  

Rhonda states, “Meadow View is a beautiful facility, in which I’ve seen a group of people that truly care about providing care and comfort to the individuals that reside here, both short-term stays and individuals who call Meadow View their home now.”  

Rhonda’s favorite part of her job is brightening someone’s day, and improving the quality of someone’s life through little everyday interactions. Rhonda works directly with residents for dysphagia treatment and helping to advance their diets. Rhonda and her family enjoy spending time outdoors and visiting state parks. Let’s all cheer Rhonda on as she participates in her first ½ marathon in Pittsburgh this May.  

​Rhonda Hinton, SLP - 14 years of experience – working in LTC for 13 years
Specialty – Swallowing disorders and dysphagia treatment: I enjoy educating residents and family members on various types of exercises that can improve a person’s awareness when eating/drinking. Swallowing disorders may be categorized together, but like strokes, each one is different. Being able to help someone go from puree to regular food is a wonderful feeling for me!  

Jessica Woy – Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant has been interacting with residents at Meadow View for the last year. Jessica enjoy teaching individuals ways of doing daily routine tasks such as bathing, dressing themselves, feeding, self-care, all which helps keep them as independent as possible. Her training comes in handy when caring for her daughter and two dogs. Jessica states, “Meadow View is a nice facility to work in. It’s clean and the staff are very knowledgeable. The nursing staff and others work well with the therapy team to ensure residents get their therapy in a timely manner.”  

​Jessica Woy, COTA/L – 9 years of experience – working in LTC for 7 years
Specialty – Geriatrics: I like the variety of diagnoses and the fact that my treatments are different with each resident. The individualized treatments allow full interaction so I am able to identify what is important to them in terms of what they hope to achieve. 

Denise Miller, PTA – 20 years of experience – working in LTC for 8 years
Specialty – severe de-conditioning: I love being a part of the day to day progress from complete dependence to returning home with full independence. The fulfillment that I feel is overwhelming when I watch them walk out the door to go home with their loved ones.